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About the Owner

Welcome to ITeeCMD, where innovation meets excellence in Managed Services. Get to know the visionary behind the scenes, Justin Walker, the founder and owner who drives the passion for technological leadership and client care.

Educational Background and Early Career

Iteemcd's owner, Justin Walker, holds a dual-concentration bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Computer Forensics. With a Master's Degree in Information Assurance and Security from American Intercontinental University Online and a Post Baccalaureate in Behavior Psychology from North Central University, Justin has built a diverse foundation. A+ certified since 2003, he also kick-started a computer repair business, Ctech, at the age of 16.

Founding ITeeCMD - A Journey into MSP

Started in healthcare, ITeeCMD, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), bridges tech and patient care gaps. It offers Healthcare and Compliance as a Service (CaaS), prioritizing efficient, patient-centered IT solutions. Justin emphasizes compassionate, engaging IT support, departing from traditional, impersonal approaches.

Specializations and Partnerships

Iteemcd excels in Compliance as a Service, including HIPAA and PCI. Partnering with industry leaders like Zyxel and Dell, it utilizes technologies such as Office 365, Azure, and Network Infrastructure for premium service delivery.


Mission and Core Values

Click the button below to explore Justin's mission and core values, reflecting his commitment to transformative leadership and client-centric services.

Personal Attributes and Dedication

Justin brings patience, a listening ear, and a human connection to his work. Transparent, upfront, and intuitive, his dedication to making lives easier is evident in his commitment to clients and team members.

Future Goals for ITeeCMD

ITeeCMD's vision surpasses typical MSP objectives. Justin envisions a company with strong leadership, cultivating a culture where everyone feels like an owner, not just an employee. This includes prioritizing the well-being of clients and employees, challenging industry norms, and showcasing that IT professionals can excel in various aspects of life.

Community Engagement and Hobbies

Beyond tech, Justin actively participates in the MSP community on platforms like and Outside of work, his interests span AI, quantum computing, extreme sports, music, and a profound passion for teaching and assisting others.


Continuous Learning and Innovation

Justin stays at the forefront of industry trends through continuous learning, researching, and a thirst for knowledge. Books, articles, videos, and masterclasses are regular sources of inspiration.

Guiding Mantra

"I am not comfortable with being normal or ordinary. I have a strong drive to thrive for excellence and be and create an extraordinary life, business, and family."

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